Kanika Dhillon, the writer of film ‘Rakshabandhan’, deleted 17 anti-Hindu tweets in 30 minutes !

New Delhi – Actor Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Rakshabandhan’ will be releasing soon. The writer of the film, Kanika Dhillon, has taken up a campaign to delete her earlier anti-Hindu tweets so that Hindus do not oppose this film. On 1st August 2022, she deleted 17 tweets in half-an-hour. In a tweet, she had called India ‘Lynchistan’. In some old tweets, she has supported the opposition to the Modi Government and insulted Hindutva.

Kanika Dhillon had called India ‘Lynchistan’ in the case of cow-smuggler Akbar Khan’s murder. She had written, “Hindustan-Lynchistan will not tolerate cow’s insult”. Even when stones were hurled at a Hindu procession in Khargone in Madhya Pradesh, Kanika Dhillon had lashed out at Hindus.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • This has happened out of fear of opposition to the film from Hindus.
  • Earlier, she had called India ‘Lynchistan !
  •  Due to this, her anti-Hindu attitude will not change even a little bit. Now Hindus should also boycott films of such people and show them signs of Hindu unity.

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