Priyanka Mishra issues notice to actor Ratna Pathak-Shah and ‘Pinkvilla’ YouTube channel

Issue of calling ‘Karwa Chauth’ observance in Hindu Dharma a superstition !

Mumbai – Priyanka Mishra, a resident of Nallasopara (District Palghar) has issued a legal notice to actor Ratna Pathak-Shah, ‘Pinkvilla Media Pvt Ltd’ which broadcast her interview, its Director Nandini Shenoy, Director Mukul Kumar Sharma and Jeu George on 31st July 2022 for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. On Pinkvilla, a YouTube channel, Ratna Pathak-Shah called ‘Karwa Chauth’ observed by Hindu women as superstition and ridiculed Hindu Dharma.

Priyanka has sent the notice through Bombay High Court’s Advocate Pratik Sakhalkar and Advocate Puja Jadhav. This notice says :

Ratna Pathak’s statement of women observing ‘Karwa Chauth’ out of fear of losing their husband is wrong. It is a matter of good fortune for any married woman to observe ‘Karwa Chauth’ for the long life of her husband. It helps in increasing love between the husband and wife and for their long togetherness. Even unmarried women observe ‘Karwa Chauth’ for getting a good husband.

The comment you made on a very auspicious religious observance in Hindu Dharma is most insulting, and you have, in a way, insulted all women from my family and all Hindus who have faith in Hindu Dharma.

It is wrong to make such senseless comments to make your interview sensational. Ratna Pathak doesn’t seem to have made any comments at any time on problems faced by the non-Hindu women. It is, therefore, felt that this is an attempt only to criticise auspicious customs and observances in Hindu Dharma.

You have tried to criticise Astrology, ‘Kundalini’, ‘Vaastu-dosh’ as superstitions, which proves your purpose is only to target religious matters of Hindus.

You have never uttered a word about ‘hijab’ or ‘triple talaq’ or ‘burqa’, but you have tried to brand modern Hindu women observing ‘Karwa Chauth’ as superstitious and tried to show them as inferior. I am, therefore, sending this notice on behalf of all Hindu women as I am quite pained due to your criticism.

… Else legal action will be taken !

Priyanka Mishra has also warned actor Ratna Pathak-Shah along with the concerned officers of ‘Pinkvilla’ YouTube channel through her notice that legal action will be taken if this objectionable video is not removed by the channel within 3 days of issue of this notice.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Congratulations to Priyanka Mishra for legally fighting against the gross insult of Hindu Dharma ! May many such Hindus awaken and become sensitive to such insults !

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