BJP-JDU alliance breaks in Bihar !

CM Nitish Kumar resigns

CM Nitish Kumar and PM Narendra Modi

Patna (Bihar) – The ruling JDU-BJP alliance has broken in Bihar. Nitish Kumar made an announcement related to the matter on the 9th of August afternoon. He submitted his resignation to the Governor. After that, he visited the former CM and the RJD leader Rabadi Devi and met RJD MP Tejaswi Yadav. It has been said that the alliance of these 2 parties will be coming into power. Tejaswi Yadav may be the Deputy CM.

For a few days, the possibility of the BJP-JDU breaking was predicted. Nitish Kumar summoned a meeting of all the MLAs and MPs in the party and made the announcement. He said that the BJP has always insulted us. They have tried to destroy us by a conspiracy.

(Credit : India Today)

From the 243 seats of Bihar Vidhan Sabha, RJD has become victorious with 79 seats, followed by BJP with 77 seats. JDU has got 45 seats, Congress has 19 seats and the communist party has got 12 seats. A total of 122 seats are needed to come into power.