Stampede at the Shri Khatu Shyamji Temple in Jaipur kills three devotees

Jaipur (Rajasthan) – An accident occurred during a monthly pilgrimage to the famous Shri Khatu Shyamji Temple in Sikar District. Even before the Temple opened in the early hours of 8th August, a large crowd of devotees had gathered there. After the Temple opened in the early morning, stampede occurred when a crowd of devotees rushed to enter the Temple for darshan. It killed three devotees, and many people were injured. The injured devotees are undergoing treatment in a hospital. All the three deceased devotees were women. One of them has been identified by the Police. The Police brought the situation under control. PM Narendra Modi also expressed grief over the incident.

Lord Khatu Shyamji is an incarnation of Shrikrushna. According to the lunar calendar, the day was auspicious for the darshan of Shri Khatu Shyamji. There is always a large crowd of devotees in the Temple.

Editorial Viewpoint

The lack of proper management in Hindu Temples causes such accidents during the pilgrimage. If the Temple administration takes measures for the devotees to have darshan comfortably, devotees won’t have to lose their lives at the Temple doors.

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