Unfortunate that people ‘blindly aping’ glamourised way of life : CJI Ramana

CJI Ramana

Hyderabad – “Driven by the winds of globalisation and massive developments in science and technology, people are moving towards a global culture which is emerging as a threat to local cultural symbols and identities, even as social media, television and pop culture glamourise a particular way of life that the people are sadly blindly aping”, Chief Justice of India NV Ramana said at the 82nd Convocation of Osmania University. He also said it is high time for all institutions to introduce a subject on the basic ideas about the Constitution and Governance, irrespective of the stream of learning. The ideas of the Constitution need to be simplified for everyone’s understanding and empowerment.

“Another aspect of globalisation is its impact on local handicrafts and artisans. With global brands flooding the markets, with mass produced designs and products, the local artisans are pushed to the corner,” he opined.

Stating that his observations should not be taken as criticism of globalisation per se, Justice Ramana said the prevalent issues definitely prove that something has gone wrong with the present model of globalisation.

Editorial Viewpoint

The highest authority in Judicial matters has expressed the harmful effects of blindly aping the western culture ! This should be a signal for all Indian citizens to revert to our own culture !

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