A three-and-a-half-year-old girl punished by teacher in Christian missionary school Bareilly (UP) for applying henna

The school management apologised after being reprimanded by the parents

Bareilly (UP) – A three-and-a-half-year-old girl was punished for applying henna (mehndi) at St. Jews, a Christian missionary school. In this case, when the girl’s parents met the school management, the management apologised to them.

1. In Ayush Agarwal’s daughter’s school diary, the teacher had written that she had come to school wearing henna. Do not repeat it. When the parents asked the girl about this, she said that the teacher had shouted and punished her.

2. Ayush Agarwal, along with local MLA Sanjeev Agarwal’s brother Pradeep Agarwal and some parents, went to the school. He met the manager Robert. Robert said, children should not get allergies, so we have made the rule. But the parents did not relent, so after some confrontation, Robert apologised.

3. The President of the Rohilkhand Parents Association said that the girl had applied henna for a festival. She was punished, even though it was not her fault. We have complained about it to the education authorities.

Editorial Viewpoint

‘Children should not get allergies, hence the rule of not applying henna’ is nothing but a strategy of Christian missionary schools to oppose the Hindu traditions in the name of allergy. Hindus are not native to not understand it.

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