The conspiracy to murder a renowned Hindu in Tamil Nadu exposed

Meer Anas Ali, associated with Islamic State arrested

(Left side) Meer Anas Ali

Ambur (Tamil Nadu) – Mechanical Engineering student Meer Anas Ali has been arrested by the Police for keeping relations with the Islamic State and trying to carry out terrorist attacks in India. He was in regular touch with Islamic State through Telegram and other social media. The Police forces said that in order to create terror he was planning the murder of a renowned Hindu.

A Madarasa student in touch of Islamic State also arrested !

A terrorist named Farukh in Deoband of Karnataka is also arrested. He was too in contact with the Islamic State. He is a Madarasa student.

Editorial viewpoint

The conspiracy of the religious fanatics to kill the Hindus in the country one after the other has to light through this incident. It is necessary for the Hindus to take Self-Defense lessons to protect themselves in such situations.

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