Holiday on Fridays at schools is an attempt to impose Sharia : Central Minister Giriraj

Central Minister Giriraj

Patna (Bihar) – Union minister Giriraj Singh has reacted to the controversy of Urdu medium schools of Bihar observing weekly holidays on Fridays.

He said that giving a holiday on Friday is an attempt to impose Sharia. We have known since childhood that schools and offices are closed on Sundays. Holidays in some institutions on Fridays seem to me an attempt to impose the Sharia code for the benefit of one community.

Editorial viewpoint

If a school would have given a holiday on some weekdays for a Hindu ritual, it would have been declared to be ‘right-wing’. Also, this act would have been labeled as the ‘saffronisation of education’. Now the Government is openly ‘greenifying’ education and the secularists are silent on the matter !