We will be able to celebrate the 75th Independence Day only with God’s grace : PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi – It is going to be 75 years since India became an independent country. We are going to be witnesses to this wonderful historical moment. It is God’s grace upon us. Had we been born during the period of slavery, it would have been difficult to even think about such a day. Just think about the restlessness amongst people to free themselves of bondage during those days, stated Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the 91st episode of ‘Mann ki Baat’ on the 31st of July 2022.  India got Independence on 15th August 1947. This year, on 15th August, this historical moment will complete 75 years. PM Modi was speaking against this background.

PM Modi said further that the celebration of 75 years of Independence is taking a shape of a people’s movement. Martyr Tirot Singh from Meghalaya had strongly opposed the British control over Khasi Hills. This movement was presented in the form of a play, and it revived history. In Karnataka, a special drive was undertaken, organising 75 programmes and paying homage to the freedom fighters from Karnataka, informed the PM.

‘Azadi ki Railgadi’ programme on the occasion of diamond jubilee !

A new programme has been started this month named ‘Azadi ki Railgadi’ for people to know the role played by the railway during the freedom fight. Jharkhand’s Gomoh junction is known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose junction. Netaji got into Kalka Mail at this station and successfully evaded the British officers.  You must have heard the name of Kakori near Lucknow. There are names of brave fighters like Ramprasad Bismil, Ashfaqullah Khan, etc associated with this place. Out of 24 States in this country, 75 railway stations have some connection to the freedom fight of this country. They are being decorated, informed the PM in his address.

PM Modi also appealed to people to visit these historical railway stations which are close to their place, as it will help in learning our history. Even school children should be taken to such stations, he said.

Hoist ‘tri-colour’’ at homes ! – PM

A special drive ‘Har ghar Tiranga (tri-colour in every house)’ has been organised between 13th and 15th August 2022. PM Modi also made an appeal to people to hoist our ‘tri-colour’ on every house. It brings people together and gives the inspiration to do something for the nation. It is the birth anniversary of Pingali Venkayya on 2nd August, who designed the national flag. The great revolutionary Madam Cama was the person to give a form to the national flag, stated PM.

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