Muslims disguised as Hindus trafficking Hindu girls arrested in Jharkhand

Incident at Aligarh (UP)

Aligarh – On 26th July, a gang of 5 Muslims smuggling Hindu girls in Jharkhand was arrested by the Police. Their Aadhar cards with Hindu names have been confiscated. 3 Hindu girls lured to Jharkhand in the name of the job are also taken into custody. This gang has been accused of selling the victimised girls to other men promising money.

Sayid Ansari is the head of this gang his Aadhar card with the name Rahul Gupta has been taken in custody. Along with him, Nafisa Bibi, Rahim Ansari, Kalam Khan and one more individual are involved. After getting information from a person, the Police arrested everyone from the Gandhi park bus stand at Aligarh.

Editorial viewpoint

The Police should take strict action against such culprits !

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