A Hindu rickshaw driver killed by Firoz Khan for one roti at Delhi !

(In the middle) Accused Firoz Khan

New Delhi – Firoz Khan alias Mannu stabbed Munna, a rickshaw driver (age 40 years) at Karol Bagh. The Police have arrested Firoz.

An eyewitness, Lakhan said that he and Munna were friends and both were rickshaw drivers. The previous night, they had gone to a roadside eatery for dinner when a man named Firoz came there and asked for a roti. Munna gave him one roti, but he asked for some more, to which Munna refused; so Firoz got angry and started arguing. Then he stabbed Munna and ran away.

Editorial viewpoint

Please note that a religious fanatic beggar had nothing to eat, but he had a weapon ! Get trained in self-defence to protect yourself from attacks by such people !

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