Corruption of crores of Rupees in Shri Tulajabhavani Temple

Why chargesheet based on CID report has not been filed even after 5 years ? : HJS files writ petition

From 1991 to 2009, Rs. 8,45,97,000 were misappropriated from Sinhasan Donation Box auction in Shri Tulajabhavani Temple. In its investigation report, the State CID had recommended that the State Government file criminal cases under various Sections against 9 auctioneers, 5 Tehsildar, 1 Auditor and 1 Assistant Manager.

Already 5 years have passed since the recommend-ation, yet no action has been taken against the culprits. In this regard, the Sambhajinagar Bench of the Bombay High Court has put these questions to the State Government – Why chargesheets have not been filed against the culprits as per CID report as yet ? Are 5 years not enough to file a chargesheet ?

The Court has sent a notice to the Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Home Secretary and Director General of Police for Maharashtra; Inspector General of Police of Sambhajinagar and Superintendent of Police of Dharashiv asking for a written reply by 22.8.2022.
Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) had filed a criminal writ petition through Adv. Suresh Kulkarni and Adv. Umesh Bhadgaonkar of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad. In response, these orders were passed by Justice Sarang Kotwal and Justice Bharat Deshpande. They have permitted the conversion of the writ petition into a Public Interest Litigation.

The Maharashtra Government had ordered for investigation into the Shri Tulajabhavani Temple scam; however, since many high ranking officials and people’s representatives are involved in the scam, the investigation is not getting completed. Hence, on 20.9.2017 an investigation report was submitted to the Additional Chief Secretary, Home Department, Maharashtra. However, this report was not made public in the Legislative Assembly, and was suppressed.

When a second petition was filed in this regard, Justice RD Dhanuka and Justice SG Mehare of Sambhajinagar Bench ordered the Maharashtra Government on 22.4.2022 to make the copy of the report available to HJS.

The report had recommended action against 16 Government officers and auctioneers. It also recommended department level action against the Collectors and people’s representatives who are the Trustees of the Temple.

Appeals were made to the Government and agitations were also held, but no action was taken by the Government. Hence, HJS had to file a petition in the Court for the third time.