Appeal to all Hindu brethren on the occasion of Rakhi Purnima (Rakshabandhan)

Give your sister unique presents – Sanatan’s Texts that contain everlasting Knowledge and a subscription of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ Periodicals !

Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Nilesh Singbal

1. Rakhi Purnima and its importance

Rakhi Purnima falls on the Purnima of the month of Shravan. (This year, it is on 11.8.2022.) This day has a lot of importance as per the Hindu culture. On this day, a sister performs ovalani (Waving a lit lamp) of her brother and ties a rakhi (A thread) to his right wrist. The objective of this is prosperity of the brother and that the brother protect her. As a return gift for the ovalani, the brother gives his sister money or some item that will be useful to her.

2. Superior ovalani as per the significance of times

On the day of Rakhi Purnima, instead of presenting the sister with perishable objects such as clothes, ornaments, etc. one can present Sanatan’s Texts that are a source of everlasting Knowledge. Similarly, she could be made a subscriber of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ Periodicals. Such gifts would be appropriate as per the prevailing times.

3. Texts that explain the Dharmashastras (Science of Dharma or Scriptures) in an easy manner and enhance faith unto Dharma (Righteousness)

As of June 2022, Sanatan has published 356 Texts and Booklets on subjects such as Spirituality, Spiritual practice, Worship of Deities, Abiding by Dharma, Balsanskar, Protecting the Nation, Awakening on Dharma. Over 89,00,000 copies of these Texts have been published in 17 languages. These guide the readers in easy-to-understand language on invaluable knowledge, such as which is the appropriate spiritual practice as per the significance of times, how to worship Deities, how to celebrate religious festivals. This increases their faith in Dharma.

4. ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ Periodicals that impress the importance of spiritual practice and enhance the mental strength in women to face the adverse times

Today, we are transiting through adverse times, and as a result, women have to face a lot of difficulties. They need to be informed about the possible difficulties and made alert. This is the need of the times. ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ Periodicals have been performing this benevolent task incessantly for the society. Articles that inspire readers to learn self-defence techniques, provide helpful information on how to face adverse situations with the help of spiritual practice, etc. are regularly published in these Periodicals. They help develop mental strength in women to face the adverse times.

Can there be a better return gift than a subscription of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ Periodicals that would impress on the sister’s mind the importance of spiritual practice, and thus, bring about a complete change in her life, and inspire her to practice the invaluable information they provide ?
If you need Sanatan’s Texts and Booklets for presenting to your sister, you can place your order with the local distributers. To make her a reader of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’, visit or contact the local seekers.

– Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Nilesh Singbal (Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa, 18.7.2022)

‘Sanatan Prabhat’ impresses the importance of spiritual practice and enhances the mental strength in women !

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