Nazim spying a Mahant in Kavad Yatra in Merath (UP) arrested

Merath (UP) – A Muslim youth Nazim sneaking into a group of pilgrims in Kavad Yatra on 24th July was arrested under the allegation of spying on Mahant Machhendra Puri participating in the Kavad Yatra and giving information related to him to others. Pilgrims in the Kavad Yatra handed him over to the Police.

Brahmanand Puri, the disciple of Machhendra Puri has registered a complaint about this incident with the Police. He has explained that he was going to Shiva temple Balaji Dham in Gaziabad carrying kavad from Haridwar along with Mahant Machhendra Puri, he noticed that an unknown individual was following Machhendra Puri for a long time. When he tried to stop him, he started running when he was caught by other pilgrims and handed over to the Police. (Will any Hindu dare to enter Muslim’s procession and spy on Muslim religious leader ? – Editor)

While talking to ‘OpIndia’ Brahmanand Puri said that he was worried about Machhendra Puri’s safety. Nazim is now in the custody of the Police.

Editorial perspective

It is a very serious matter to learn about Muslims spying on Hindu Saints and Mahants. Is it a plot to cause harm to the life of Saints -Mahants guiding Hindus to make Hindus lose their leaders ?

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