All the Pakistan’s moles arrested in India are Hindus and they are connected to the Sangh

The tall tale concocted by Rashtriya Janata Dal’s regional President Jagadanand Singh

State President of Rashtriya Janata Dal Jagadanand Singh

Patiliputra (Bihar) – State President of Rashtriya Janata Dal Jagadanand Singh alleged that when the Indian security agencies catch Pakistan’s moles in India they are Hindus and connected to RSS. He was speaking in the context of the actions taken against the Jihadi workers of the Popular Front of India in the State. He also addressed the arrested anti-Hindu Mohammad Zubair co-owner of ‘Alt News’ as ‘Zubair Saheb’. He accused that ‘BJP was not letting him out of the prison ’.

  1. Police Commissioner Manavjit Singh Dhillon said that both RSS and PFI give arms training to individuals under the guise of physical education. (In a BJP-governed State, the Hindus do not expect such Police officers to be in power who do not know what can be compared to what. – Editor)
  2. BJP spokesperson Najiya Illahi replying to the comment of Jagadanand Singh said he is making such comments to cover his own corruption cases.
Editorial viewpoint

Do not be surprised if someone says, ‘it is necessary to investigate what is Jagadanand Singh’s connection with Pakistan’.

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