Religious fanatics threaten a Government school in Bundi, Rajasthan to teach Urdu instead of Sanskrit as a third language

  • The school stopped teaching Sanskrit due to an order from higher-ups
  • The Principal out of fear did not report to the Police

Bundi (Rajasthan) – In a viral video on social media, it appears that some religious fanatics are threatening the Headmistress of a Government school to include Urdu as a third language instead of Sanskrit and if she does not do so, they are threatening to lock down the school. This incident occurred in Alod village. The incident is of Gandhi Rajkiya Vidyalaya (English Medium). Although a case was not registered due to fear, the Police have started an investigation.

The Headmistress of the school said, I want to work in this village, so I don’t want to get involved in any controversy. The language of those who threatened me was dirty. They threatened me and left. Due to their threats, Sanskrit will not be taught in schools. The order has to come to us from higher-ups. If we are ordered to teach Urdu by higher-ups, we will teach Urdu. Although, there is no order to teach Urdu. (The Police should investigate this as well and disclose the names of those who gave such orders ‘from above’. – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

Since Congress Government is ruling in Rajasthan just like the Islamic nations, too much terror has been created by religious fanatics. This shows that Congress has strangled Sanskrit, the language of God, to make it a dead language and is still doing so. Hindu Rashtra is the only option to change this situation.

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