Pakistani drone spotted again on India – Pakistan border

Weapons are being provided to terrorists with the help of drones

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Srinagar (Jammu) – On the international border in Kashmir a shining object was spotted in the sky on 22nd July in Kanachak area of Akhnoor Tehsil in Jammu District. After having detected that to be a drone, Border Security Force (BSF) started firing in that direction.

Earlier, Police had exposed three groups of Lashkar-e-Toyba. 7 members were arrested and their weapons, ammunition and other explosives were confiscated. Weapons are being dropped by Lashkar-e-Toyba in Indian border areas of Jammu and Rajouri Districts with the help of drones. These three groups were active in collecting and providing these weapons to terrorists.

Editorial perspective

Indians are puzzled – why is the Government not taking any strict action against Pakistan, despite Pakistan repeatedly using various tactics to disturb India !