An atmosphere of fear still lingers in the market where Kanhaiyalal had a shop in Udaipur, Rajasthan

13 shops out of the 15 are still closed

Udaipur (Rajasthan) – There is still a fearful atmosphere in the market on Maldas Street, where Kanhaiyalal had a shop. Riyaz Akhtari and Mohammad Ghous killed Kanhaiyalal by beheading him on 28th June in his shop. After the incident, it is seen that Hindus still do not dare to open their shops there. There are 15 shops in the street where Kanhaiyalal’s shop was located, but after the incident, 13 of these shops have not opened yet. This shows how terrorised Hindus are. Not only the shopkeepers, but also the Hindus are not daring to come to this street for shopping. After Kanhaiyalal’s murder, many shopkeepers here have received threatening calls.

Since Nupur Sharma made a statement allegedly insulting the Prophet Mohammad while speaking on a news channel, religious fanatics have constantly called for her murder. Kanhaiyalal was murdered for circulating a post supporting Nupur Sharma. He had apologised about his post, was arrested and released on bail, but still was killed.

  • Next to Kanhaiyalal’s shop is Mahaveer Seth’s shop called Latest Tailors. He said that more than 20 days have passed since Kanhaiyalal’s murder, yet people are scared. ‘Two people work in my shop. One of them is sick, while the other is frightened by the incident, so doesn’t want to come to work. People are afraid because of the Police presence outside our shops’.
  • Mayank Lodha, a gold trader here, said that before coming to us, customers call to inquire about the market situation. Only if the condition is normal they will come to the store.
  • SP Vikas Sharma says that the atmosphere in the market is normal. (Had the market been normal, the citizens would have started crowding there, but in reality, it is not the case, so how can the Police claim it ? – Editor) We are in daily contact with the traders and trade union officials. After receiving 3 different threats in the last few days, an investigation is being conducted. No market trader needs to panic. (As the people do not have faith in the Police, no matter how many pleas the Police make, until the people are assured of their protection, there is little chance that the people will return to normalcy. – Editor)
Editorial Viewpoints

  • After the incident of the beheading of Kanhailal in Rajasthan, Hindus do not believe that Police and administration of the Congress Government of Rajasthan would protect them. Hindu Rashtra is the only option to change the situation.
  • It is the result of Hindus fearing a handful of Jihadists. Hindus should unite and protect themselves against it.