Video of students indulging in obscene acts in the name of Truth and Dare game going viral !

Police investigation is underway

New Delhi – A video of class 11th and 12th students playing the game ‘Truth and Dare’ is currently going viral on social media. Students are seen kissing in it. The student who filmed it told the Police, “11 of my friends were playing Truth and Dare in a flat rented by 2 boys from the class. At that time, some boys even sexually abused a girl’. 11 students including 3 girls are in this video. The incident took place in the city of Mangaluru in Karnataka in January. After this video went viral, the college administration itself informed the Police about it and took action against these students, but no case has been registered in this regard as no one has taken the initiative yet. Whether these students were high on drugs is also being investigated.

The Police suspect that the boy circulated the video out of hatred. The Police enquired with the owner of the flat. He said that he had evicted the children two months ago and informed their parents after liquor bottles were found in the house.

Editorial Viewpoint

This is the result of not teaching Sadhana to children in their childhood ! No surprise if such uncultured children become criminals in future ! O’ parents, teach spiritual practice to your children from their childhood !