Kejriwal promises free electricity in Gujarat

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – The Gujarat Assembly elections are being held later this year. Due to the elections, political leaders have started touring the State. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also recently visited Gujarat. He said at present inflation has increased a lot and electricity rates have also increased. Just like we provided free electricity to the people of Delhi & Punjab, we will also provide free electricity to the people of Gujarat.

Regarding electricity Kejriwal further said that similar to Delhi and Punjab they will do the following 3 points.

1. Within 3 months of forming the Government 300 units of free electricity will be provided to every family.

2. Electricity will be available 24 hours for free. The power supply will also not be cut.

3. Household electricity bills from 31st December 2021 onwards will be waived off.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • When everything else is getting more and more expensive, how can the country afford to give electricity for free ? Selfish and opportunistic leaders like Kejriwal are actually misleading the people by making such reckless promises.
  • There is no comparison between the former brilliant Hindu kings who made the people sacrifice for the welfare of the country and these present rulers who lure the people with free schemes and thereby make them selfish !

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