Love Jihad in Jaipur : Marry a Hindu girl & receive 25 lakh rupees

If opposed to marriage, religious fanatics threaten to behead the father and daughter

Jaipur (Rajasthan) – Salman, his son Aslan, and Kalu Khan kidnapped a minor Hindu girl twice. She was tracked down and brought back both times by the Police. Currently, she lives in an orphanage. The accused Salman threatened the complainant’s family by saying, if we marry a Hindu girl, we will receive 25 lakh rupees from our community. On 15th July, your daughter will turn 18. We will kidnap her again and marry her. If you oppose us we will behead you (the girl’s father) and your daughter as in Udaipur (Kanhaiya Lal’s beheading). Police have registered a case regarding this incident.

The family of the girl said that Salman has also threatened that after marrying the girl, they will give her talaq or kill her.

Editorial viewpoints

  • What do the secularists and the western media, who repeatedly accuse that Love Jihad is not a conspiracy but Hindu propaganda, have to say now ?
  • In the past, incidents like beheadings by Islamic State have occurred thousands of kilometres away in countries like Syria and Iraq. Hindus in India are now being subjected to such incidents and threats. Hindus, at least unite now to protect yourselves from such threats.
  • Does information need to be told to Hindus as well as to who is distributing these 25 lakh rupees ? Those who provide such money should be punished severely.

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