Mohammad Zubair granted bail by the Delhi High Court

2018 Anti-Hindu tweet case

‘Alt News’ Co-founder Mohammad Zubair

New Delhi – Delhi Police have agreed to grant bail to ‘Alt News’ Co-founder Mohammad Zubair on a surety of Rs 50,000. As per this agreement he has been prohibited from leaving the country. Zubair was arrested on 27th June over a case from 2018. Zubair made an anti-Hindu tweet in the year 2018. He took an image from an old photograph and morphed the image to alter the name of the hotel from ‘Honeymoon Hotel’ to ‘Hanuman Hotel’ and tweeted an image of the same. Along with this image, he wrote ‘Before the year 2014  (Before Modi became the Prime Minister) this was a ‘Honeymoon Hotel’ but now its name has been changed to ‘Hanuman Hotel’. So Zubair has been arrested for this incident.

(Credit : Live Law)

Mohammad Zubair also edited a video of Nupur Sharma speaking about Mohammad Paigambhar and selected a few select portions of the video and released it on social media platforms. Because of this incident, Muslim nations from across the world asked India to apologise to all Muslims worldwide. Along with this many religious fanatics also started rioting in many parts of the nation. Nothing is being done in this case in spite of the fact that a complaint has been registered against Zubair for this incident.