No admission for Hindu students in Muslim majority Govt school in Jharkhand

5 Hindu students expelled from school

(Credit : Prabhat Khabar)

Garhwa (Jharkhand) – The Muslims are 90% of the population in Manpur town. In the Upgraded middle school, a Government run school, Hindu students are refused admission. And the enrolled Hindu students previously admitted are expelled from the school. The education officer Kamta Prasad said, ‘there is an enquiry going on about this issue.’

The school’s administrative committee and the Head Master Mahtab Ansari said that Muslims are 90% in the town so only Muslim children will get admission here. The students who were expelled from the school got scholarships. The school used that money to repair a bad handpump. This caused the students to agitate. Hence, they were expelled. (The school administration misappropriates the student’s funds; a case should be filed against them and they should be imprisoned. – Editor)

Editorial viewpoints

  • From this one can understand what happens when the Muslims become a majority in the town. It won’t be difficult to imagine what will be the condition of the country when Muslims become a majority in the country. The Hindus should unite to form a Hindu Rashtra before this happens. 
  • If this had happened in the case of Muslim students the Congress, Communists, and the secularists would have come out of hiding and moved the heavens to protest the banning. But be sure that now they will not utter even a word.

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