Lessons on the Rise of Islam, the Mughal Empire, etc. removed from school curriculum

New Delhi – The CBSE, under the National Education Policy, has made changes in many subjects in the curriculum for the academic year 2022-23 from 9th to 12th Standards. Many lessons of these Standards have been removed, and information on the changes is given on the CBSE website. ‘Rise of Islam’ lesson has been removed from the history textbook of the 11th Standard and the lesson on ‘Mughal Empire’ has been removed from the 12th Standard textbooks.

Sample some lessons and poems which have been removed :

1. ‘Shayari (Poem)’ of Faiz Ahmad Faiz
2. From the ‘World History’ textbook of the 11th Standard, a lesson ‘The Central Islamic Lands’ has been removed which had information on the rise of Islam, its progress and its propagation in the 7th and 12th centuries.
3. A lesson on the emergence of man and evolution during the Stone Age, the Industrial Revolution has been removed from the 12th Standard textbook which detailed the industrial revolution in England, its influence and how imperialism was encouraged.
4. A lesson titled ‘Namak’ has been removed from the Hindi textbook of the 12th Standard, which narrated the re-settlement of the displaced citizens on both sides after India’s Partition.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • With the support of Congress rulers, anti-National Communists concealed the radiant history of Hindus through school curriculum, and thus, demoralised Hindus while glorifying the Mughal invaders. As a result, many generations of Hindus had neither love & pride for their country nor their Dharma. The appropriate punishment for such anti-Hindu Communists and Congress would be to make them history !
  • It is necessary to remove the false history and greatness of Mughals not just from CBSE, but all NCERT and other Central Education Boards. It is necessary to educate our children on the correct history of India

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