In Fatehpur (Uttar Pradesh), a Hindu girl abducted and raped several times by religious fanatic youth

Fatehpur (Uttar Pradesh) – A Hindu girl from Fatehpur was abducted and converted to Islam in a Mosque in Delhi on 21st June 2022. After that, she was taken to different cities in the Country and raped.

The victim was rescued by the Police on 9th July. Police have arrested a young man named Shoaib in the case. Kalim is also being sought by the Police as an accused. There is also a search going on for the Delhi Imam (the prayer leader of a Mosque). This young woman was converted by him.

Editorial viewpoint

Even after the anti-conversion law was enacted in Uttar Pradesh, such incidents continue. It is clear from this incident that these fanatics are not afraid of the law. You shouldn’t be surprised if someone demands that they be buried in a pit up to their waists and pelted with stones according to sharia law.