Hindus turned their backs towards Ajmer dargah on the day of Eid            

  • Effect of provocation of beheading Nupur Sharma by Gauhar Chishti here in Ajmer
  • Most Muslims suffered a 90% financial loss

Ajmer (Rajasthan) – It appears from the information that thousands of Hindus who were visiting the famous dargah of Mainuddin Chishti (Ajmer-Sharif) were not visiting the same anymore. Hoteliers in the city had lost their business by 90%; even the restaurants were facing the loss of crores of rupees. Friday Namaz on 8th July had very less response; so also on 10th July which was on the day of Eid, the response was less.

At least 3 khadim had made instigating speeches against Nupur Sharma. So also the revelation that the accused of the Udaipur massacre were related to khadim in the dargah, made Hindus turn their back on the Dargah. Khadim Mainuddin Chishti said that the economy of the city depended upon those 15-20 thousand visiting the Ajmer Dargah. As per the reports of ‘Times of India’ another shopkeeper had said that the businessmen in Ajmer were suffering a loss of at least 50 crore rupees. Hindus turned their back due to provocation against Hindus. According to the information given by Riyaz Khan, owner of ‘Jannat Group of Hotels,’, the crowd there had reduced due to inappropriate speech by Chishti; the advance booking in hotels had reduced proportionately after the massacre in Udaipur. The owner of ‘Khwaja Garib Nawaz Sweets’ Sadabh Siddiqui selling the famous sweet, ‘Sohan halwa’, said that his income had been reduced by 90%.

Editorial viewpoint

This is an example of showing what can happen when Hindus unite. What is wrong if anyone says that such a lesson was essential for those who had attacked.