Come to the battlefield if you want to fight! : Putin warns western countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow – Russian President Vladimir Putin warned western nations by saying – ‘If you want to fight with us come straight to the battlefield’. The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the past 4 months. Without entering the field many western nations are supporting Ukraine from the sidelines. Putin reacted to this by warning them – ‘If they wish to support Ukraine then let them come straight to the battlefield and fight with us face to face’.

Putin called for a meeting with all his officials on 7th July in Moscow. He took an update regarding the war. But Putin also showed compassion for the citizens of Ukraine. He said that ‘Western nations without actually entering the war are encouraging the citizens of Ukraine to face the brunt of the war. We do not oppose peace, but it should also be noted that due to the interference of some countries it is becoming difficult to come forward for peace talks.