Jihadi terrorist organisations own thousands of social media accounts

  • About 40% of terrorists get recruited through these
  • They collect revenue of Crores of rupees
(Image credit : ED Times)

New Delhi – The Islamic State has an estimated 70,000 Twitter accounts, each with 1,000 followers, according to the Brooking Centre for Middle East Policy. It is clear that billions of people have joined the Islamic State alone. Also, according to a 2018 research report, Islamic State has a total of 1,000 accounts on Facebook in 96 Countries. In Islamic State, 40 % of foreign terrorists are recruited through social media. There is no globally shared system that monitors the cyber world. This makes it easier for small and large terrorist organisations in different Countries to contact international terrorist organisations.

1. According to the Global Terrorism Index 2022, the Islamic State alone is responsible for 29 % of the victims of terrorist attacks worldwide in 2021.

2. The Taliban also make videos of the bombings on mobile phones and upload them on Twitter. It is used for recruitment and fundraising. According to a UK Times report, the Taliban are making billions of rupees a month by uploading videos on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram to advertise large corporations such as Mercedes.

3. Hajjaj bin Fahd al-Ajmi a financier of terrorist organisations, took to Twitter to appeal to his 1.7 million followers to fund terrorist activities.

4. According to a February 2020 study by a US-based company named Blackbird, a total of 9,27,908 tweets in 47 languages ​​were sent to encourage terrorist activity.

5. In March 2019, the murder of 51 civilians in Christchurch of New Zealand, was broadcast live on Facebook. Also, an attempt was made to provoke the people by circulating a video of Kanhaiya Lal’s beheading in Udaipur on social media last month.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Don’t social media companies see this ? or do they have covert support for these terrorist organisations ?
  • Why do companies like Facebook, and Twitter, which ban the accounts of Hindu organisations and leaders, remain inactive about terrorists ? Will they respond ?

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