Attack on Hindu brothers at Bilaspur (Chattisgarh) by Faizal and his 8 assistants !

Jaikumar Mishra and Omkumar Mishra

Bilaspur (Chattisgarh) – In the Bilaspur district, the brothers Jaikumar Mishra and Omkumar Mishra were attacked by Faizal and 8 others on the evening of 3rd July. The brothers were injured in this attack. A complaint has been filed against Faizal and others. No one has been arrested till date and the search for the culprits is still going on.

Jaikumar has said in his complaint that he and his brother stay near the Government Engineering college and teach at Ghasidas University. As they both were walking, Faizal and his assistants attacked both of them on a 2-wheeler. They both were brutally beaten. The reason behind this attack is not yet known. Police are investigating the matter.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus are unsafe in a Hindu majority country !

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