Ajmer Dargah Khadim Salman Chishti Arrested

  • This action was taken because of his declaration of giving his house to the person who would decapitate Nupur Sharma
  • Police allege that Salman was drunk when he made the threat.
(Left side) Ajmer Dargah Khadim Salaman Chishti and Nupur Sharma

Ajmer (Rajasthan) – The Ajmer Dargah Khadim Salaman Chishti has been arrested by the Police. Salman had posted the video saying that he would give his house to the person who beheaded Nupur Sharma’. The police said that Salaman Chishti was a history-sheeter, who had numerous cases against him. (From this we can realise that the officers of the Daragah are of criminal mentality. Will the seculars talk about this fact ? – Editor)

The police have also alleged that when Chishti made the statement he was drunk. (Are the Police saying that the Officials of the Dargah drink alcohol ? Do the Muslims and the administrators of Ajmer Daragh approve of this fact ? – Editor)

Editorial viewpoints

  • Are the Police saying that be drunk and threaten anyone with beheading ? Rajasthan has a Congress Government and so they are trying to shield Salman Chishti can be clearly seen from this. Hindus should follow up on this case and ensure that Chishti gets the severe punishment for his actions.
  • Hindus visit the Ajmer Dargah in large numbers. When will the Hindus understand what is the mentality of the Dargah’s office-bearer’s !

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