A BJP leader from Vadodara (Gujarat), receives death threat from a Muslim for condemning Kanhaiyalal’s murder

(Right side) Nileshsinh Jadav, Vice-President of BJP Padra Taluka Committee 

Vadodara (Gujarat) – Vice-President of BJP Padra Taluka Committee, Nileshsinh Jadav, has received a threat that he would be killed in a manner similar to that of Kanhyailal’s. Jadhav had posted on Facebook, after Kanhyailal’s killing. He had said, that ‘these incidents take place in Talibani Afghanistan or Pakistan. The accused should be given harsh punishments so that others do not dare to emulate them’.

1. Jadhav further added that the killers knew that they could be imprisoned for life, but their families will get crores of Rupees for their act of killing. And this money will be coming from countries like Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Hence, the Central Investigation agencies should arrest the father, mother, brother, sister, relatives, neighbours, and Maulvais (Islamic religious leaders). So that the money cannot be used or enjoyed. This money should be confiscated. These jihadis are not doing this for the heavenly damsels but for money.

2. This post was answered by one Abdul Subur Choudhary threatening Jadhav that he will also meet the same fate as that of Kanhaiya Lal. The account was deleted after a complaint was made against it.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus in various parts of the country are getting death threats.  There is a feeling that, have the fanatic Muslims declared a Holy war against the Hindus ? The Central Government should take serious cognizance of this and take strict action against this after finding out the root cause for this spate of threats.