In last 6 months, 79 Hindus were killed in Bangladesh ! : Hindu Mahajot 

Rape of Hindu women, attacks on temples, Hindus fleeing from homes !

Office bearers of Hindu Mahajot

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Till the 30th of June 2022, 79 Hindus have been killed by Muslims in Bangladesh as per the information given by ‘Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mahajot (Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance)’ during a press conference held at Nasrul Hamid Hall. Dinbandhu Roy, the Executive President of ‘Hindu Mahajot’, Pradipkumar Paul, its Vice-President and Vijay Krushna Bhattacharya, its Chief Convener were some of the office bearers who attended the press conference.

1. The General Secretary Govinda Chandra Pramanik of this organisation claimed that 620 people, other than the killed, were also threatened with life; attempts were made to kill 145; 173 were injured and 32 were missing. From 1st January to 30th June 2022, property belonging to Hindus worth Rs 26 crore was looted, including the property of 157 Hindu families and temples.

2. When asked about the basic source of such data, Govinda Chandra Pramanik told the reporter of ‘Bengali Tribune’ that ‘Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance (Alliance)’ has its own research cell and its committee is working all over the country through which such information has been gathered. The information received from all over the country is being published.

3. ‘Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mahajot’ has demanded 70 reserved seats in the national assembly and an independent election system to stop violence and oppression. The organisation has demanded representation in the Parliament for making the democratic system more meaningful. A separate ministry under the minority ministry has also been demanded by the organisation.

4. It was further informed in the press conference that everyday some heart-rending incidents are happening in some part of the country. The condition of Hindus is very pathetic due to oppression. Hindu teachers are being removed from the education institutes. Violence is increasing day by day. In broad daylight, incidents of oppression of a Hindu teacher by tying shoes around his neck are taking place in the presence of the Police and administration. Atrocities against Hindus are happening one after another, in places like Dhaka, Narayanganj, Gopalganj, Narel, Savar, etc.

Various attacks on Hindus from Bangladesh

As per Govinda Chandra Pramanik’s claim

 1. In the first six months of this year, 48 houses of Hindus were vandalised and looted; 343 houses were burnt, 93 shops/ offices were attacked and 2159 acres and 36% of other land were grabbed.

2. Sixteen houses were confiscated; 29 business trusts and the land of 29 temples were grabbed and attempts were made to drive away 618 Hindu families while 6,943 families were threatened to be driven away.

3. About 154 families have been forced to leave the country. 3,797 families have been threatened with banishment, and 1,15,429 families are living in unsafe conditions.

4. He has also claimed 501 united attacks, attacks on 56 temples, vandalising and arson, damaging 219 Idols, theft of 50 Idols, kidnapping of 6 persons, and attempts to kidnap 15 persons.

5. Thirteen incidents of rape of Hindu women, gang rape of 10 women, murder after the rape of 3 women, 19 attempts of rape, 95 attempts of conversion and hurting religious sentiments in attempts of conversion of 21 persons, and 63 other cases.

6. Hindus were dismissed from their jobs in 97 cases and were implicated in false cases. 56 religious institutions were desecrated. Obstacles were created in 60 religious programmes, and 100 people were forced to eat beef. In 638 incidents, there had been a loss of property worth Rs 152.3 crore.

Govinda Chandra Pramanik said that the constant occurrence of such incidents shows how difficult it was for Hindus to live in Bangladesh.

Editorial viewpoints 

  • It is very shameful for Hindus that the Indian Government and pro-Hindu organisations in India are doing nothing about the continuous attacks on their brethren in Bangladesh !
  •  All Islamic countries oppose, with unity, whenever there is any violence against Muslims by non-Muslims anywhere in the world; however, Hindus or their rulers never oppose attacks on their brethren. It shows the need for establishment of Hindu Rashtra !