Hindu Janajagruti Samiti writes to the Prime Minister’s Office Ban issuing of religion-based ‘Halal Certification’ and commence investigations into all agencies that collect funds by issuing this Certification

It is claimed that all the dealings in India going on are as per the ‘Secular’ Constitution of India. This was verily the reason for refusing permission to commence operations of the Islamic Bank (that functions as per the Sharia laws) in India. However, this very goal is being fulfilled through the Halal economy.

Now, Islamic organisations are demanding that every commodity and article should be acceptable to Islam, meaning, it should confirm to Halal standards. This demand is not restricted only to meat; now the demand is being raised in respect of food-grains, fruits, cosmetics, medicines, etc. to be Halal certified. Hence, businessmen are being forced to pay Rs 47,000 for each product and obtain ‘Halal Certification’ and its logo. Surprisingly, this Certification has to be obtained from independent Muslim organisations even though the necessary certificates have been obtained from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

As per Section 153B of the Indian Penal Code, making an appeal to deny the citizens of this country their fundamental rights is an offence. The Halal economy encourages Muslims to trade only with Muslims. According to 153B, this cannot be a religious right. Hence, the Government of India should intervene and take necessary action.

In this regard, we want to bring to your notice the following :

1. Only the meat which is obtained after killing an animal after taking kalima (Oath of allegiance) is categorised as Halal meat. As per Islam, it should be made available to only those who have faith in Halal; however, in most private as well as Government organisations, only Halal certified items are made available. Effectively, this amounts to imposing Halal Certification on Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, etc. This is infringement on the freedom of practicing religions granted by the Constitution of India. Due to this compulsion of Halal Certification, business of almost Rs 63,000 crore has gone to Muslims. As a result, the backward Hindu class that is traditionally dealing in meat and the other businesses of Hindu traders are being badly affected.

2. Muslims are a mere 15% in India. Forcing the rest 85% to eat Halal meat just because Muslims want to eat it, is not fair. Now this Halal Certification is not restricted to only meat, but is being applied to eatables, cosmetics, medicines, hospitals, housing societies, malls, etc. This effectively means that the Halal Certification is being used for interfering in various fields and businesses.

3. Multinationals such as McDonald, KFC are selling 100% Halal certified products, and are thus, insulting the religious sentiments of majority Hindus and Sikhs in India. So also, making Halal Certification compulsory in secular organisations such as the Indian Railways and Department of Tourism is incorrect and against the spirit of the Constitution.

4. Why have these autonomous Muslim organisations been permitted to issue Halal Certification when the Government of India has its own statutory body – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to take care of such issues ? No autonomous organisation can be authorised to issue Certification in India. Therefore, why should collection of fees in the name of Halal Certification, which has no legal authority, not be declared illegal ?

5. In India there are private agencies that issue Halal certificates. The main among them are – Halal India Pvt. Ltd., Halal Certification Services India Pvt. Ltd., Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind Halal Trust, Jamiat Ulema-e-Maharashtra. Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind was instrumental in large scale participation in agitations against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Besides, this organisation provides legal aid to the accused Muslims of various terrorist organisations. Hence, the allocation of funds collected from Halal Certification is highly suspicious.

We raise the following demands in this regard :

1. Forcing other sections of society to follow the Halal system based on Islam is against the Constitutional right to Freedom of Religion and against Consumer rights. Hence, the Halal Certification that discriminates on religious grounds be banned in India.

2. Non-Governmental agencies that are issuing Halal certificates without valid authority be banned immediately.

3. Government Departments that supply only Halal certified products be ordered to discontinue this arrangement.

4. An in-depth CBI inquiry be conducted into the affairs of all agencies that issue Halal certificates, find out the allocation of Halal funds, whether these funds are being diverted to endanger national security.

Making Halal Certification compulsory in a ‘secular’ India is incorrect and against the spirit of the Constitution !