BJP is our common enemy : Catholic priest wants Christian DMK MLA to unite opposition

11th June 2022 : The video of a Catholic priest in Tamil Nadu saying that BJP and RSS are their enemies is going viral on social media. The priest had called the political parties to recognise BJP as the common enemy and come together to defeat the party by keeping aside their differences.

He asked the Christian DMK MLA Inigo Irudaya Raj to speak to politicians from other parties from Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Bengal, etc. The priest implored him to make them understand that, “We have a common enemy. We may have a 1,000 differences between us. But we should join to destroy them”.

The priest, Eugene Thomaiyar, is the Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of Trichy. He spoke at the event organised to celebrate the 52nd Anniversary of Trichy Diocesan Catholic Association in 2018. The DMK MLA Inigo Irudaya Raj runs another NGO Christian Goodwill Movement. In another event organised by him, another Catholic priest had said that the majority aka Hindus are like mosquitoes that can be swatted away. Inigo had felicitated the warden who was named by Hindu girl Lavanya in her death confession. Lavanya had taken her life following torture at her Christian school to convert.

It’s not just Catholics who identify BJP and RSS as their enemy. Even Pentecostal pastors have pledged their support to DMK to bring them to power so that they can build churches even where there are no Christians without any hindrance. To reciprocate this favour the DMK Government has been helping Christians in all ways by appointing a priest as a member of the TN Public Service Commission Board, a misogynistic and crude professor Leoni as the head of Textbook Committee, etc.

Editorial Viewpoint

The incident and the conspiracy are old; the devout Hindus feel that Government must take stringent action against the people involved.

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