Anti-India resolution presented by pro-Pakistani MP Omar should be dismissed ! : ‘HinduPACT’, USA

Washington (USA) – ‘HinduPACT’, a Hindu organisation in the USA, has demanded that the resolution introduced in the US Senate by pro-Pakistani Congresswoman Ilhan Omar against India be dismissed. The Democratic Congresswoman Omar has presented a resolution wherein it has been demanded that India be designated as a country of particular concern, since there has been a constant breach of religious freedom of minorities. The demand has been supported by other Senate members, viz Rashida Tlalib and Juan Vargas.

Omar has referred to the report of the International Religious Freedom Commission, wherein India’s name has been included in the list of countries of particular concern in the last three consecutive years. (Hindus are scared due to the increase in fanatic activities of Muslims in India, but the picture portrayed by Hindus is claimed to be ‘disturbing’ while Muslims are shown as the ‘aggrieved’ population in this report, which is obviously anti-Hindu ! – Editor)

“The language used by Omar is similar to the language used by terrorist organisations such as Jamaat-e-Islami and Muslim Brotherhood. This is not expected of a member of the US Senate, who takes oath of being loyal to the US Constitution”, stated Utsav Chakrabarty, the executive director of ‘HinduPACT’.

Omar is known to be pro-Pakistani. She has propagated against India from various platforms and has claimed repeatedly that minorities are oppressed in India. Omar had visited Pak-occupied Kashmir a few months ago. She had met the then Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, and made anti-India statements.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • The Hindu organisations in the USA legally oppose the anti-Hindu activities very promptly. The Hindus-by-birth living in India, have a lot to learn from them since they do nothing when Hindu Dharma is attacked in India !
  • India has to take an aggressive stand against such anti-India proposals presented in the US Senate. Indians expect that the Indian Government will take necessary steps in the right direction !
  • Hindus-by-birth in India do nothing when Hindu Dharma is attacked, they have a lot to learn from the Hindus in USA !