Culprits of riots arrested

Mumbai-based activist Teesta Setalvad arrested

The Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) arrested Mumbai-based activist Teesta Setalvad from Mumbai. The action came a day after the Supreme Court dismissed a plea challenging SIT’s clean chit to the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and others in cases related to the 2002 riots.

At the same time the Honourable Supreme Court has ordered to conduct an inquiry into Teesta Setalvad’s case with a fresh case of forgery, criminal conspiracy and placing false evidence in the Court to frame innocent people in the 2002 Gujarat riots case, politicising the issue, making the issue sensitive for no reason, blocking the Judicial process, etc.

In the Court, Zakia Jafri had challenged the clean chit given by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) to the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and several others in the 2002 Gujarat riots. The Gujarat Police have arrested Teesta Setalvad and former State DGP Sreekumar for supporting Zakia Jafri in this case. The Court has stated that Teesta Setalvad covertly used the feelings of Zakia Jafri for individual gains. The Gujarat Police have filed a complaint against one more Police official – Sanjiv Bhatt – who is already in Police custody. Reacting to this issue, the Union Home Minister said, “This was a big conspiracy against PM Modi”.

Teesta Setalvad’s (anti) social activities

It is learnt that investigation is also going to be conducted against Teesta Setalvad for misappropriation of funds raised for riot-affected and others. The hollowness of Teesta Setalvad’s efforts to blow her own trumpet about her social activities has been revealed on a number of occasions.

The Trusts established by her collected crores of Rupees in donations from foreign countries and she and her relatives used them for personal purposes. Her anti-social face was strikingly revealed during the Gujarat riots.

In 2002, fanatics locked two bogies of Sabarmati Express from outside, poured petrol inside and set the bogies ablaze. On that day, 59 innocent devotees of Shriram were charred to death. Following this heinous act there were largescale riots in Gujarat. Thousands were killed. The Godhra incident stirred up atmosphere in the whole of Gujarat.

Some fanatics were also killed during the riots. The astounding aspect of this whole issue was that none of the Human Rights Organisations or social organisations lodged their protest about the gruesome act of fanatics burning the devotees to death. However, everybody seemed to be worried about the riots after the incident. Why ? Simply because, those killed in the railway bogies were all Hindus and some of those killed during riots were fanatics.

This is not a question of raising Hindu-Muslim issue. However, we will have to accept the facts as they are. Many fanatics accused of Godhra train burning fled the scene, and the main accused was arrested recently. This shows how well-planned was the conspiracy to set the bogies on fire and flee.

What hurts social organisations

The picture was crystal clear and yet, Narendra Modi was charged with provoking the riots. What was the reason ? It was because Modi was identified as a devout Hindu. Narendra Modi, then CM of Gujarat, courageously faced the SIT and other committees instituted for the investigation of the riots. At that time, the Congress party was in power at the centre.

Right from its early days, the Congress party has been against devout Hindus, Hindu Dharma and Hindus in general. At such times, Gujarat riots were a golden opportunity for the anti-Hindus to subdue the devout Hindus. Extensive covert operations were made to blame Prime Minister Modi for the Gujarat riots and defame him so that he looses the coming elections. Anti-Hindu journalists, the so-called social organisations and various inquiry committees were engaged in this task. Teesta Setalvad was a member of this gang; however, Narendra Modi came out of all this unscathed, unblemished. He got elected as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the second time and went on to become the Prime Minister of the Nation. This is what is hurting the so-called social organisations.

Many fanatics committed crimes; yet, Teesta Setalvad protected them, stood by them and opposed the patriots. She was under the impression that by producing forged documents, providing false information to the media through interviews, issuing false statements, she would be able to find her way out; however, truth prevailed.

Those who propagate untruth as per Goebbel’s tactics have to face the truth someday, and then they have no face left to show. While Hindus, Hindutva were going through a bad phase, many antinational forces milked the situation. Now it is their turn to face the music; because, the time for Hindus, Hindutva and Hindu Rashtra is fast approaching.

Another so-called social activist is reporter Rana Ayyub. She has been charged with misappropriation of funds collected for the treatment of those affected by the corona pandemic. The Government should conduct inquiry into the activities of the so-called social organisations which are anti-national and corrupt, and ban them. Only then other similar organisations will learn a lesson.

The Government should conduct inquiry into the activities of social organisations which are anti-national and corrupt !

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