Won’t let you live longer : BJP leader and a devout Hindu Kapil Mishra receives death threats from jihadis

(Right side) Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra

New Delhi – Delhi BJP leader and a devout Hindu, Kapil Mishra tweeted of being threatened with death. A jihadist named Akbar Alam sent an e-mail to Mishra on 3rd July in the evening saying, terrorist Kapil Mishra, I will not let you live any longer. My men are planning to shoot you. Mishra also added a photo of the letter in his tweet.

(Credit : Oneindia News)

We are not afraid of such threats, nor will we stop our work, Mishra tweeted. Our campaign to help the families of Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur and Umesh Kolhe in Amravati will be expedited. As Raghunath is with us, we are not worried about anything. (How many Hindus have unwavering faith in God like Kapil Mishra ? – Editor) Mishra visited Kanhaiyalal’s family and called out to Hindus to help his family. Through this, Mishra has collected Rs 1 crore.

Jihadi terrorists have targeted Hindu Sena President and former BJP leader also

  • Former BJP Delhi media chief Naveen Kumar Jindal and Hindu Sena Delhi division President Deepak Malik are also receiving death threats from jihadi militants. They have complained to the Police regarding it.
  • The party has slammed the then BJP leader Naveen Kumar Jindal for allegedly making offensive remarks against the Prophet Mohammed. On the other hand, the Hindu Sena under the leadership of Deepak Malik organised a program in Delhi on 20th June in support of Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal and recited  Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Malik had given a list of 22 mobile numbers to the Police and said, ‘I have been receiving frequent phone calls from them swearing death.’ Some of these numbers are from Pakistan also.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Should Nupur Sharma be held responsible for the death threats received by devout Hindu leaders by jihadi terrorists ?
  • Hindus should be ashamed that devout Hindu leaders, working for the interest of Hindus in a Hindu majority country, receive death threat. It makes the establishment of Hindu Rashtra inevitable.
  • If the lives of Hindu leaders is in danger, then it is impossible to imagine the condition of the general Hindu masses.
  • Please realise secularists and progressives, who have been promoting freedom of expression and thought, are silent now. Hindus need to stand united against such anti-Hindu duplicity.

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