A Muslim converts and marries a Hindu young woman in madarasa !

Police begin a search after girl’s family lodges a complaint !

Manjhanpur (Uttar Pradesh) – A case of love jihad has been brought forth in Sarai Akil village in Kaushambi district. On the 27th of June 2022, a Muslim kidnapped a young Hindu woman. The family of the woman, as they realised that the woman was missing, lodged a complaint with the Police. Hundreds of Hindus ‘gheraoed’ the Police station on the 29th of June 2022 demanding immediate action as the family learned that the woman was kidnapped by a Muslim man. The Police have been successful in finding the young woman and have handed her over to her relatives. Further investigations are going on.

The woman left her home for visiting her relative. Later, the Muslim man took her to a madarasa located in Kareli, Prayagraj, and converted her. Her family has accused the Muslim of having ‘nikah’ with her. The father of the aggrieved woman has said that the local administration has to be informed before carrying out a conversion, but it was not done in this case. There are laws against conversion and love jihad in Uttar Pradesh.

Editorial viewpoint

There are laws against love jihad and conversion in Uttar Pradesh, hence, such things are not expected to happen with Hindus ! The State Government shouldn’t just pass the laws, but see to it that the administrative officers are effectively implementing these laws !