Money collected from shops in Pilibhit, UP for Pakistani jihadi organisation Dawat-e-Islami

Investigating agencies report that the money collected will be used for jihadi terrorist activities.

Pilibhit (UP)- According to a report sent to the Union Home Ministry by the investigating agencies, five jihadi organisations are working to destabilise the country.

Money storage boxes in shops

Money is raised for jihadi terrorist activities by collecting funds from Muslim shopkeepers in Pilibhit, UP. The report stated that the money was utilised to fund Dawat-e-Islami for carrying out terrorist activities across India.

1. Dawat-e-Islami has been active in Pilibhit for the past few years. Piggy banks have been placed in more than 250 shops to collect funds for madarasas.

2. Jihadi organisations operating in India are more active in Northern and Central India. They have employed more than 500 professors who spread terrorism through social media like  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more than  1,500 WhatsApp groups. Sleeper cells are formed in which engineering students and unemployed Muslim youth are participating.

3. According to the report, Hindu religious processions were attacked in some parts of the country in a well-planned manner. The murder of Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur was aimed at inciting riots in the country.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is a shame that the Indian Security Force is unaware of the money being collected for funding jihadi terrorism. Strict action must be taken against all those who demand and pay for terrorism.

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