Sikh youth killed in the shooting in New York

Fury over the repeated attacks on Sikhs in US

New York – In South Ozone Park in Richmond Hill a Sikh man, Satnam Singh was gunned down. According to the information published in ‘New York Post’, 31-year-old Satnam Singh was shot dead by attackers when he was sitting in a car. All are furious about the incessant attacks on Sikhs in the US.

Earlier on 13th April, 2 Sikhs were attacked in Richmond Hill. Initially, they were beaten with sticks and later their turbans were removed. Some days before this incident a 72-year-old Sikh, Nirmal Singh was attacked. Due to all these attacks, Sikhs had organised agitation demanding the arrest and strict action against the miscreants.

Editorial viewpoints

  • US and its social organisations making propaganda that minority Muslims and Christians in India are living insecure life, should be made accountable for these killings.
  • Khalistanis from US, Canada and Britain demanding for separate Khalistan while opposing India incessantly, keep silent during such incidents. From this we can understand how much love they have for the Sikh community.

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