Muslim youth should become Agniveer : Muslim organisation urges

Imams will help encourage the Muslim youth

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Kanpur (UP) – Association of Muslim Professionals has urged Muslim youth to join defence forces through the Agnipath scheme in the Indian armed forces.

1. Shahid Kamran, the organisation’s leader has urged Muslim youth to become Agniveer and serve the nation. The help is being taken from Imams to make the messaging more impactful.

2. Kazi of Kanpur city Sagir Alam Habibi stated that every Muslim must serve the nation.

3. Moulana Touqir Raza has also asked Muslim youth to apply for Agniveer positions since it is an apt opportunity to serve the nation.

Editorial viewpoints

  • No surprise if patriots contemplate how many of such candidates would fight from the Indian side vs. the enemy. What if they join enemies in rioting after their retirement ?
  • In 1948, when Pakistan attacked Kashmir, Muslim soldiers of King Hari Singh joined the Pakistan forces.

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