Weapons of Dwaparyug found in Mainpuri (UP)

Mainpuri (UP) – In a farm in Ganeshpur here stockpile of 4,000 years old ancient weapons have been found. 4 ft long weapons made of copper comprising swords, some have the form of starfish and some weapons have spear end. Department of Archaeology has taken these weapons into their possession. Experts have claimed them to be of Dwaparyug.

1. A farmer in Ganeshpur found this stock of weapons in his farmland during farming. Noting the weapons were of gold  or silver, he took them home. Villagers informed the Police and the Department of Archaeology. Officers of the Department took charge of the weapons by going there.

2. Officer Bhuvan Vikram of Department of Archaeology said that during Harappa period the weapons were made of bronze. Therefore the weapons found in Ganeshpur may appear to be from Copper-Stone yug.

3. Spokesperson of the Department of Archaeology Vasant Goldsmith said that, those weapons were from 2,000 to 1,500 years before Christ. In this period earthen pots were coloured with ochre.

4. Samples were taken from Sanauli in Baghpat, Madarpur in Muradabad and Sakatpur in Saharanpur and their ‘Carbon dating’ test was conducted. That time it was proved that the weapons were 4,000 years ancient. So also they should have had been handled by security guards and not by civilians.

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