Unemployed Hindu youth are being forced to embrace Islam in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh !

Lured by a high-paying job !

Fatehpur (UP) – A shocking conspiracy has come to light in Fatehpur, UP, in which Hindu youth are being forced to embrace Islam by offering them jobs and other facilities worth ₹2,00,000 per month. The case has surfaced after a Hindu youth named Sudhanshu Chauhan from Varanasi District refused to convert.

Police take action in Sudhanshu Chauhan’s case !

Sudhanshu Chauhan, a youth, also went through this process; however, after he refused to convert, he was locked in the madarasa and subjected to physical and mental abuse. After learning this, Sudhanshu’s family lodged a complaint with Union Minister Kaushal Kishor, demanding that he be released from the clutches of the Islamic organisation. A complaint was lodged at the Police Station in this regard. Police then laid a trap and raided a madarasa being operated from a house at Fatehpur’s Lucknow bypass. Three Muslims were arrested and Sudhanshu Chaudhary was rescued from the spot.

Based on a complaint lodged by Sudhanshu, the Police have registered a case against the head of the establishment, Iklakh, Yasin, landlord Aleem, Mohsin, Maulvi, Arman Ali and others for taking hostage, illegal conversion and cheating. Mohsin, Yasin and Aleem have been arrested and other accused, including the Maulvi, are being sought.

Modus operandi of conversion !

1. In order to compel unemployed Hindu youth to embrace Islam, they are first made members of an Islamic organisation by promising a decent job in a large company, a house and lakhs of rupees.

2. When the Hindu youth becomes a member of this organisation, he is taken to a madarasa. One week of training is given to them by the local Maulavi (cleric of Islam) to embrace and propagate Islam. During this period, Maulavi succeeds in brainwashing Hindu youth and forces them to convert.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Hindus do not expect this to happen even after having an anti-conversion law in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh ! The Government should take harsh action against the culprits by strict enforcement of the anti-conversion law !
  • As Hindus do not have an education in Dharma, they do not take pride in Dharma and fall prey to the enticement of other sects. Therefore, Hindu organisations should take initiative to impart education of Dharma to Hindus !

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