Hindus should think – who will be the successor of Indian culture? – M. Nageshwar Rao, former Director-General in charge, CBI

Views on ‘Why Oppose Government takeover of Temples?’ In the 10th Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan

Ramnathi (Goa) – Speaking at the 10th Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiseshan, Nageshwar Rao said, ancient Hindu scriptures are not taught in schools as the country is secular. Neither the Bhagavad Gita nor the Vedas is taught in school. If this great Hindu culture is not taught, then how will Hindu Dharma propagate? If Hindu Dharma does propagate, then who will be the successor of Indian culture ? On 13th June, in the Adhiveshan, in the second session on why oppose the Government takeover of Temples, he was speaking on the topic of ‘Cultural and Educational Rights, a conspiracy to Divide Hindus based on Culture’.

M. Nageshwar Rao

During this session, Sadguru Shri Navneetanand (Guruvarya Pu. Modak) Maharaj, founder of Sadguru Shri Swami Samarth Seva Trust, Kalyan (District Thane), Shri. Chakravarti Sulibele founder of Yuva Brigade, National General Secretary of Bharat Raksha Manch at Bhubaneswar (Odisha) Shri. Dr. Anil Dheer and Amit Thadani, Director, Niramaya Hospital, Mumbai were present on the stage. Sadguru Navnitanand Maharaj was welcomed by Shri. Sagar Chopdar, Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti of Mumbai, Thane and Raigad.

M. Nageshwar Rao further said :

1. The Rig Veda is the oldest scripture in the universe. This scripture belongs to Hindus. The world’s largest book ‘Mahabharat’ with 1 lakh verses also belongs to Hindus. This is our religious literature. Since the country is secular, these religious texts have been set aside.

2. There is no ministry to protect Hindu culture, but there is a minority section to protect the interests of minorities.

3. 22 languages ​​have been given national language status in the country. At the same time, efforts are being made by the Central Government for the upliftment of the Urdu language, then what is the problem in giving Sanskrit the status of second national language?

4. Urdu language is being promoted in Hindi cinema. The Hindi language is dying due to Urdu. At present many Urdu words are being used in the Hindi language. If you don’t speak pure Hindi, no one else will. So you have to speak pure Hindi first.

Views of other dignitaries present

1. We want to fight with the Government and hand over the management of Hindu Temples to devotees. – Shri. Chakravarti Sulibele, Founder, Yuva Brigade, Bangalore, Karnataka

Christians prevented Hindus from going to Temples by converting them and also destroyed the mindset of Hindus about going to Temples. This includes some Hindus also. Many Temples were demolished and large malls were built there. No one looks after the ancient Temples. Efforts must be made to rebuild the ruined ancient Temples.

Since there are many Temples in the possession of the Government, if they want to take them back, they will have to fight with the Government and take back the Temples. For this, if the youth power is used in the right way, then they can move from Raj-Tama to Sattvaguna, asserted the founder of the Yuva Brigade of Bangalore, Shri. Chakravarti Sulibele. He was speaking on the topic of Innovative activities in terms of sanctity and protection of Temples: cleanliness of Temples.

Mr Chakravarti Sulibele

Mr Chakravarti Sulibele further said :

1. There are lakes on the site of many 500-600 years old Temples, but the people have ruined the lake by throwing garbage and dirt in it. So on behalf of the Yuva Brigade of Bangalore, we launched a campaign to clean up the lake. We are the first in the last 200 years to clean Temple ponds.

2. Every day 10 to 15 workers cleaned the lakes at Raichur and Gadag for 2 hours and on Sunday 50-60 people joined them. After 6 weeks, the lake became as clean and clear as before. Then people expressed their happiness by lighting lamps like on Diwali.

3. We cleaned the lake at Shri Venugopal Swami Mandir in Mysore. Now, daily pooja, an annual celebration, as well as a pilgrimage is performed there. It is called Bhajan of Lord Krishna. In the same way, we have revived the Krishna temple there. We have revived 8-10 Temples in Karnataka.

4. We beg the saints, to guide us. We will follow them. We organised a conference of 70 saints from Karnataka. There was a discussion about love jihad and the atrocities committed by Muslims against Hindus.

The administration refused to supply water to the lake, but God gave water to the lake in the form of rain –

Shri. Chakravarti Sulibele said, after Yuva Brigade cleaned the ponds, we met the administrative officials and demanded the release of pure water in the ponds, but the administration refused to provide water. Later that day, there was a heavy downpour in the lake area, so water came into the pond automatically. Here the administration let us down, But God held our hands.

2. Hindus should be ready to fight a legal battle along with the religious battle – Sadguru Shri Navneetanand (Guruvarya Pu. Modak) Maharaj, Founder President, Sadguru Shri Swami Samarth Seva Trust, Kalyan (Thane District)

Sadhguru Shri Navneetanand (Guruvarya Pu. Modak) Maharaj

Muslims are tearing the country apart by increasing their numbers for Islamisation, while Christian missionaries are plotting to crack the borders of Kerala, Assam and other countries. Therefore, Saints and Mahants in every State should take action, to fight against the oppression of Hindus and their problems. Doing so will bring all the States together. Through that Hindu Rashtra can be established. By doing so, Hindu Dharma can be spread all over the world. The battle of Gyanvapi Masjid is on. Religious wars are raging in many places. Therefore, a legal battle should be fought along with a religious battle, said Sadguru Shri Swami Samarth Seva Trust’s founding president Sadguru Shri. Navneetanand (Guruvarya Shri. Modak) Maharaj.

Sadhguru Shri Navneetanand (Guruvarya Pu. Modak) Maharaj further said :

1. Machhindranath’s Samadhi is at Malanggad in Kalyan. Only Kelkar priests and an elderly woman were staying there to perform a pooja. The number of Hindus visiting Malanggad was very less. Seeing this, the Muslims tried to encroach on it.

2. Migrant Muslims from other Districts started staying there secretly. Later Muslims started praying there. Gradually, the Muslim community began to thrive there.

3. I then filed a case against this with evidence. The case has been pending in the Court for many years. Despite the evidence from our side, it did not lead to any result due to the Government’s inaction.

4. The Muslims have captured many places on the fort. I started going to the Malanggad fort with some devotees. Then we went with saffron flags and cymbals. At that time many Muslims came after us. They pushed us. Yet we worshipped and performed Aarti there. In this way, Hindus should fight against fanatics without fear.

5. It is time to preserve and enhance religious places.

6. I am preaching religion by setting up monasteries. Through this, we are raising awareness about God, religion and the country. In the monastery, reading religious texts, and discussing Vedas, culture, rituals, poojas, and pride for the country are developed. Religious awareness is being spread in the monastery. Children and their parents are asked to celebrate birthdays and festivals as per religion and culture. They are asked to do the same, as it should start from your home. Every house should become a Gurukul.

3. Hundreds of ancient Hindu Temples in Puri are being destroyed – Anil Dheer, National General Secretary, Bharat Raksha Manch, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Shri Jagannath Temple at Puri is an ancient Hindu temple. There is also a Shankaracharya’s Peeth here. The State Government has approved the renovation plan of Shri Jagannath Puri Temple and Bhubaneswar Temple. For this, 600-700-year-old monasteries will be demolished. The Government has approved the list of 22 such ancient monasteries. All these monasteries are connected to the Shri Jagannath Temple for some kind of Seva. These monasteries include Punjabi Math, Nangu Math, Nanak Math and Naga Sadhu’s Math. When there was opposition to the demolition of the monastery, the Government tried to change the mindset of Hindus. After that, an attempt was made to confuse Hindus. The land was purchased at a price many times higher than the cost of the houses included in the development plan. While excavating for development work, land adjacent to Jagannath temple was also excavated. We have filed a petition in the high court as this poses a threat to the temple.

Anil Dheer

Before excavating the site of the ancient temple, one has to look at what is underground using technology. It was found to contain ancient relics of underground Temples, but the report was suppressed. In Odisha, 78 Temples are under the jurisdiction of Indian Archaeology, 218 Temples are under the jurisdiction of the State Archaeological Department and 1 temple is under the jurisdiction of the Central Archaeological Department. In 13 years of research, I have studied 7,000 Temples in Odisha. All these Temples are 300 years old. A conspiracy is going on to destroy all these ancient Temples, lamented Shri. Anil Dheer, the National General Secretary of Bharat Raksha Manch, was speaking on the plight of Temples in Odisha and the Government’s role.

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