Only India’s growing power will be able to bring stability in the Indo-Pacific region :  The US

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin

Washington (US) – America thinks that India’s growing power shall bring stability to the Indo-Pacific region. US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin made this statement. He was speaking at the event called ‘Shangri La Dialogue’ in Singapore.

America is absolutely ready to stop China’s aggression 

Lloyd Austin said that China is adopting an aggressive attitude in the Indo-Pacific region and illegally increasing its maritime capabilities. He also said China is tightening its position on the border with India. China considers Taiwan to be an integral part of China. China also claims parts of Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysia and so it adopts a policy of aggression. At such times America is standing with its friends (allies) to stop this aggression. We are ready and resolved about our security.

Editorial viewpoint

We need to understand that the US is targeting China by keeping the gun on India’s shoulders. The US, Europe and the Nato countries betrayed Ukraine, they can do the same to India. Hence, India should be cautious in dealing with such ‘friends’.

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