Pakistan’s nefarious plan to repeat the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus !

  • Operation ‘Red Wave’ launched by ISI !
  • Conspiracy on the lines of ‘Operation Tupac’ which took place 34 years ago !

New Delhi/Sri Nagar – It has been revealed that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is behind the ongoing ‘target killing’ of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir. India has even obtained evidence of Pakistan’s conspiracy. (What is the use of obtaining evidence ? The world knows Pakistan’s involvement in this. So India must attack Pakistan now ! – Editor) Pakistan is planning to rock the Kashmir Valley just like it did 34 years ago in 1988. This evil plan was designed in September 2021 and is codenamed as ‘Operation Red Wave’. On the other hand, the local militant group Kashmir Freedom Fighter has recently circulated a letter threatening to ‘eliminate everybody else in the same manner’.

In September 2021, the ISI Officials and leaders of the militant groups met in Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. It was planned to kill 200 people in the Kashmir Valley. Operation Red Wave is modelled on the lines of Operation Tupac which took place in 1988.

Nine people killed in 22 days in Kashmir Valley !

(Credit : Times Of India)

So far this year, 20 civilians have been killed in terrorist attacks in Kashmir. Of these, 9 have been killed in the last 22 days, including 5 Hindus and 3 soldiers of the security forces.

What was Operation Tupac ?

In 1988, six terrorist organisations, including the Indian Mujahideen, launched Operation Tupac in Kashmir in collaboration with the ISI. It lasted till 1990. In this operation, more than 300 Kashmiri Hindus were targeted and killed. That was the reason why lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus had to flee from Kashmir Valley. Terrorism was carried out on the orders of the then President of Pakistan Zia ul Haq.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Had the then Congress Government thwarted Pakistan’s evil attempt to exterminate Hindus by taking concrete action, terrorists today would not have dared to look at Hindus with a crooked eye ! In order to prevent the recurrence of Pakistan’s terrorism once and for all, the present Government must attack and destroy Pakistan !
  • Realise the indispensability of Hindu Rashtra for the protection of Hindus all over the world including India !

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