…Otherwise, Pakistan will split into three parts : Claims former Pakistan PM Imran Khan

He also accused India of trying to separate Baluchistan

Former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan

Islamabad (Pakistan) – In an interview with BOL News former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan stated, that if the Pakistan army does not intervene in the current situation, the country could be divided into three parts. The country is going towards suicide, Imran Khan claimed. He accused overseas Indian think tanks are planning to separate Baluchistan.

In this interview, Imran Khan further stated the actual problem is between Pakistan and its armed forces. If the Pakistan army fails to make the right decision, the armed forces will be the first ones to be devastated. Once the Pakistan army is destroyed, the entire country will go into bankruptcy. The international community will pressure Pakistan to denuclearize just like Ukraine did in the 90s.

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