Shivling in vajukhana and symbols of Trishul and elephant on the walls

  • Video and photos of the survey of Gyanvapi mosque exposed
  • Muslim party alleges Hindu party of making the video viral

Note : Vajukhana means the place where Muslims wash their hands and feet before offering namaz

Varanasi (UP) – Survey and video shooting of the Gyanvapi mosque here was done as per the Civil Court’s order under the leadership of the Court Commissioner. Soon after a lapse of a few hours, the video shooting given in the hands of the Hindu parties at the instruction of the Court, came into the limelight. Despite the Court’s order to keep the video shooting and the pictures away from getting viral, they are being exposed. In this video huge Shivling is seen in the vajukhana, so also symbols of Trishul and elephant appear on the walls of the mosque. Muslims are alleging Hindus for making the video viral; they have demanded action against those doing so. The Court refused to accept the sealed envelopes that four plaintiff women were trying to hand over. The next hearing is kept on 4th July. Hindu parties say that a big conspiracy against Hindus is being hatched by exposing the video and CBI should investigate the same. This appears to be an effort to defame and trap Hindus.

1. Advocates for Hindus called a press conference immediately after the Gyanvapi premises video and photos went viral. They told that they still had the sealed envelopes containing videos. They also announced that they were going to demand a high-level inquiry of the case from the Court.

2. The advocate Abhaynath Yadav for the Muslim party said that an effort was being made of polluting the environment by exposing the video. The Hindu party has received the Gyanvapi survey-related CD of the photos and video from the Court. We do not have it. We had already anticipated and expressed our doubt about the video and photos would be misused. The Hindu party does not have any answers to our arguments presented in the Court. Hence, they have exposed this video to confuse the public. We cannot deny the conspiracy behind all this. Exposing the video in this way happens to be severe violation of the Court’s order.

Symbols of Trishul and elephant on the walls of the Gyanvapi mosque

A Nandi (Bull) is in the Gyanvapi premises and vajukhana is at a distance of 83 ft in front of it. Shivling is being found at the same place. Trishul is on the wall inside the mosque. This symbol appears in many places on the wall. These symbols are being whitewashed to hide them, claimed the Hindu plaintiffs. Besides these, there are some art forms and among them an elephant’s picture is visible.

Gyanvapi masjid case: Shivling pic and video go viral on social media; reactions come from all walks of society

The videography survey was completed today, and the report will be submitted to a Varanasi district court by tomorrow. The DM, the Varanasi Police Commissioner, and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) commandant, Varanasi, would now be in charge of the protection of the Gyanvapi masjid complex, according to the court.

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