Life of a Muslim girl in danger due to converting to Hindu Dharma and marrying a Hindu youth

Bareilly (UP) – A Muslim girl converted from Islam and married a Hindu boy. She said that her life is now in danger due to her relatives. The girl whose original name was ‘Lubna’ has accepted Hindu Dharma and officially changed her name to ‘Arohi’. She has married a Hindu boy Bobby. The girl Arohi has made a video which has been circulated on social media. She has sought protection from the Police and the Government for herself and her husband.

Arohi and Bobby lived in the same area. They have been in love with each other for a very long time. On the 20th of May, they married each other in a Hindu temple as per Hindu rituals. Arohi said that she does not like Islam because it has customs such as ‘triple talaq’ and ‘Halala’. She also said that she has given up wearing the burqa and the hijab. ‘Halala’ means after a woman has been given talaq by her husband, she has to have a sexual relationship with another man in order to marry her husband again.

Bobby also said that Arohi’s family is threatening his family, and the Purohit who performed their marriage is also in danger.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus should note that if a Hindu girl marries a Muslim boy, then it is love, but if a Muslim girl marries a Hindu boy then it is a ‘Dharmadroha’ !



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