Residents of a Muslim majority village attacked the Police who came to arrest a member of their community called Nauman

Mathura (UP) – On 17th May, in the Muslim majority town of Junghawali the Haryana Police were attacked by a Muslim mob when they went to arrest a fraudster named Nauman who was accused of fraud. 5 Policemen, including a lady Policewoman, were injured in this attack. The Police would have captured Nauman, but they were forced to comply and release him due to the attack by the mob. Before the attack, shots were fired into the air which was a signal for the mob to start stone-pelting. Police have so far arrested 18 people in this case, which includes 9 women. A case has been registered on 34 people in this matter.

Editorial viewpoint

Many such incidents keep happening in our country; but please note that not a single progressive (regressive) secularist or a political party will open their mouth on this topic. Also, please remember that such an incident would never happen in a Hindu neighbourhood.



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